Saturday, July 12, 2014


So I wasn't the only one around here who had a haircut recently. Little man's been needing a trim, more than a trim really, for some time now but I just haven't been able to bite the bullet. I envisioned a neck length shaggy cut for him but his hair is so fine and thin that it just wouldn't make sense at this time. He'd look like a dirty hipster. Maybe when he's older. I was also getting tired of having to use his sister's hairbands to keep his hair out of his face. He was probably tired of it too since he's been mistaken for a girl several times when we're out and about. Awkward!

He looks like a crazed man!

So I finally relented and agreed to let Dad do the honors. Obviously it was a bit of a challenge getting a one year old to sit still with scissors near his face but we sat him on our bathroom counter (which is thankfully quite large) and I gave him all my jewelry to play with.

While we worked on Ryder's hair, Jane was busy putting on eye shadow. I keep a box of old make-up under my sink and she loves to play around with it. She puts it on her chin so she ends up with a five o'clock shadow. 

And the results! We absolutely love it. We googled various hairstyles for toddlers and decided on a little punk rocker style. Shaved on the sides with textured layers on top. It can be styled with gel or just swept to the side. He looks sooooo adorable and hip. A little hipster. It's nice to see his face for once!

My husband is a rock star at cutting hair. He's been doing his own for 10+ years and is a whiz with kids, too. We had a friend's two year old son over this week and my hubby has cut his hair twice now. So cute and Jane loves when she has kids her age over. I wish she had a sibling her age that she could play with all the time because, no offense to Ryder, but he's just not cutting it. She loves playing with friends, which she doesn't get to do often since she's not in daycare. I've been trying for a long time to get connected to a mom group in my area but they're just so strict with their rules. Any who, check out these cuties. 

In other Jane news, little miss received her MMR shot earlier in the week and did AMAZING. Considering she hasn't had a shot in two years, this was a big deal. I'm pro vaccines but we do a delayed schedule. Ryder is scheduled to get his first set of shots on Monday. He was supposed to start them at 6 months but for a number of reasons concerning his health and the doctor's office not having his particular vaccines in stock, he hasn't had any yet.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we started Ryder on swimming lessons and he's done awesome! They're not so much learning to swim as surviving a fall into a body of water. The lessons are four times a week, 10 minutes each and he's close to floating by himself after only a few days. The instructor does the same routine over and over so he knows exactly when he's going to go underwater and holds his breath. This was a relief for me since I was concerned about secondary drowning. He cries every time but too bad, dude. This is well worth the money and the tears.

Aside from the lessons, we're just keeping busy with our usual day to day stuff. Taking walks to our nearby bridge and park, reading looks of books, board games with friends and other shenanigans. 

I took Jane with me to run an errand and stopped to take a pic of this nasty looking storm. The clouds were so low to the ground I called my husband to make sure we weren't under a tornado warning. We weren't and the whole thing passed us over with nary a raindrop. Gotta love those unpredictable afternoon storms. 

Till next time.

Friday, July 4, 2014


After little debate, I chopped off all my hair. I guess it wouldn't qualify as ALL my hair since it's not like a buzz cut or anything but for me, it's quite a change. I'm loving it! Less hair to wash and less hair to get pulled by my mister man. I also went blonde(r). I knew I couldn't stay away from highlighting for long. I was a brunette for the past few years but always missed being lighter. When I came home from the salon, Jane looked at me with a quizzical face and said "that's not right." Whatever, girl. You'll understand when you're older. The husband said what he ALWAYS says - "it looks nice, i just gotta get used to it" 

in summer

Last weekend we hung out at my in-law's place. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, they live in a super quiet small town. Real woodsy area. It's so peaceful but hard to enjoy being outside with the heat. That's why we spent most of the time by the pool.  
We went on some walks in the early mornings and evenings when it wasn't 100 degrees (literally!). Jane likes pushing the stroller, which is difficult for her on the hilly road, so I had to assist each time she veered off into the grass. Miss Independent!
Down near the home front when we're at my parent's house, Jane loves to "hide" in my mom's bushes and make us come find her. Not hard to spot this cutie. My silly girl. 
My mom planted a lemon tree earlier this year and it's really growing. I went looking for one at Lowe's but they were out. Not that it matters because I can "shop" in her garden at any time ha. Once these babies turn yellow, we'll be making a whole lotta lemonade. 
I took most of these shots with my old dslr. I've been relying on my iphone camera over the last few months and was sad about that because my canon takes such great pics. This dragonfly below is barely visible with the naked eye but up close, creepy! Those buggy eyes weird me out. But look, a pretty butterfly. 
I don't know if it was because it was so stinking hot outside or she just returned from Mexico, but my mom made some delicious mango daiquiris recently. I sipped one with alcohol and think I got buzzed off that one sip (that's what happens when you've abstained from alcohol for 4 years because of pregnancy/nursing!). I'm not a drinker by nature but I appreciate my fruity drinks every once in a while. And now that Ryder doesn't have to nurse at night, I can start enjoying some wine. Or something. Lord knows I need it these days.    

My Ryder looks so innocent but he loves snatching his sissy's toys. He shrieks and yanks and Jane just sits there calmly resisting. We've nicknamed him the velociraptor. Here's Jane helping mima in the kitchen and partaking in a tea party. 

I'm so glad we live close to family. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know what we would've done without their support. Having my mom nearby especially, ready to watch the kids at a moments notice when we needed it, was huge. So grateful.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

carrying on

Well the past few months, as I indicated in an earlier post, have been the roughest ever for our family. It absolutely sucked. We finally feel like we're climbing out of that hole and we're desperate for normalcy again. (What's normal, right?) The issue was mostly a medical one but it's complicated. I won't get into details but just wanted to address it for the sake of not glossing over everything and making it appear as if things are always peachy keen. The important thing to note is that our family is united and we are persevering through it and hopefully will continue to recover. And I can't speak enough to how supportive and awesome our surrounding family has been. It's during these times that you see who's really there for you and who isn't. 

In the wake of everything going on, my work (from home) life has been the busiest and most stressful it's ever been as well. I recently decided to scale back my hours so that my family life is no longer suffering/neglected and I've made my bosses aware of this. I'm certain I'm not at risk of losing my work from home privilege so I'm looking forward to just enjoying more time with the kids. Especially before they grow up. Jane starts preschool next year! If I can let her go that is. :)

With summer in full swing (man alive is it HOT), we've been taking advantage of the pool and the beach lately. Times like these I'm sort of glad to live in Florida. 

more summer fun @ the science center, with my mom

unimpressed with curious george

hanging out at our local park enjoying some food truck grub

my parentals went to california recently and returned with this adorable kimono for jane (and matching one for ryder) 

my favorite outfit and yes his hair is pulled back with one of my stretchy headbands because I dont want to cut his hair but it's all up in his eyes. even though he wears masculine clothes, he still gets mistaken for a girl due to the hair. whatever people. 

babyfat cheeks!

a new (yet old) favorite pastime:battleship!